About UCAT

Who We Are

University Catholic is a community of fun-loving, joy-filled students who are serious about our faith.  We are officially represented at Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities, but all Nashville-area college students are welcome at our Masses, events, retreats and mission trips.

Representing every area of student life, University Catholic unites us in fellowship and friendship as we deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our chaplain is devoted to making the Sacraments readily available and serving the students’ spiritual needs. FOCUS missionaries, who are recent college graduates, reach out and meet students where they are.

What We Do

Our mission – to propose Jesus Christ and form His disciples – drives everything we do. Built upon four dimensions of formation (spiritual, intellectual, apostolic & human), our programs are intended to help students deepen their faith and become well-formed, well-rounded  Catholics.  

And we have great fun in the process!

Frassati House

University Catholic’s Frassati House is our home away from home for college students in Nashville. Students can access the beautiful Chapel round the clock, and Frassati House has plenty of space for Sunday Suppers and other UCat events. It’s also a great place to hang out and study.

2004 Terrace Place, Nashville, TN 37203